COVID-19 and Financial Hardship

COVID-19 and Financial Hardship: How Directors Can Prepare

COVID-19 has shaken the stability of all organizations, including the most established.┬áCompanies are currently navigating the unknown waters of a global pandemic, unprecedented physical distancing, and the devastating financial impacts that ensue. Being on a board involves a personal commitment to supporting the best interests of the organization – helping it to be successful and […]

Why should you invest in SEO for your online business?

In this article, I explain the reasons why investing in SEO is recommended for your business. Here is a list of reasons why you need search engine optimization. SEO Is Not a Cost, It’s an Investment You have heard of SEO and are convinced that organic positioning works very well for different online businesses. Besides, […]

Personal Finance: How to Manage Your Money?

To overcome the challenge of managing personal finances, nothing beats good planning and motivating goals. Making a budget is a good way to do this. 1. Define your financial goals Buying a first home, starting a family, retiring at age 60 or traveling several months a year: these are all goals that make you dream, […]