Why should you invest in SEO for your online business?

In this article, I explain the reasons why investing in SEO is recommended for your business. Here is a list of reasons why you need search engine optimization.

SEO Is Not a Cost, It’s an Investment

You have heard of SEO and are convinced that organic positioning works very well for different online businesses. Besides, it has worked well for some of your competitors. You are probably wondering why you need it and how it can help your business.

A high return investment, but not for the short term. You can combine SEO data with web analytics. You may see some keywords with high conversion rates that are not showing on the first page of Google. And with these keywords, you aren’t capturing potential customers because they can’t see your website. They cannot visit it and therefore consume your products or services.

SEO is at the Center of Your Sales

If you think about it, it’s a system that’s open 7 days a week, year-round. It’s a 24 × 7 ad.

It generates recurring visits, and you get sales or leads

That’s why your website or e-commerce is your “perfect employee”: it multitasks efficiently, caters to thousands of potential customers at once, and only limited by the size of the industry you are in. competition.

SEO Is a Crucial Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

If you’ve read in other Marketing publications, you already know the importance of SEO to the marketing of any business. SEO is an indispensable source of traffic and can attract potential customers. It can therefore help boost conversions as well.

SEO alone cannot help you reach the highest marketing and internet potential. Social media, branding, and other marketing strategies are segmented and complement SEO, the combination that strengthens and strengthens every element to make your business grow exponentially and faster.

As a founder or CEO, your challenge is not to choose one over the other, but the best way to strategically integrate SEO into the combination of digital strategies to achieve beneficial results for your business.

SEO Is Essential in the Research / Purchase Phase

SEO will increase your sales without proportionately increasing the costs needed to continue to create value in your brand, which increases your profits exponentially and over time.

SEO can drive all business goals with better ROI compared to most other digital marketing traffic sources. It is fundamental to improving conversions and thus generating more sales at minimal incremental cost.

Assuming everyone has heard of your brand or thinking that you are the best site on the internet to buy can be a very costly mistake. People are constantly on the lookout for great deals and use social media to view, learn, compare and ultimately buy.

SEO plays an important role in this research and buying cycle. It’s like a prospect magnet, attracting potential buyers to your website through critical and relevant keywords and phrases placed at the top of search engines where users expect to find information about them. topic. It’s about being where your customers are and directing them to the solutions you offer them.

The Price of Referencing Is Variable

The price of SEO services differs depending on the experience of the Company, the Agency or the Consultant engaged.

There is no such thing as a ‘typical price list’ for SEO services. Keyword analysis, link building, and other SEO activities are unique, personalized, and tailored differently to specific situations.

Even among white label monthly SEO service providers, there is a wide range of quality. There are experienced professionals and there are dishonest, amateurs and ignorant practitioners.

Before choosing the cheapest or most expensive, limited or comprehensive proposal, that of experienced professionals versus an SEO expert friend or friend, make sure you understand the nuances and essential details.

Being a specialized service, SEO involves teams of people working in networks. If you are not yet convinced of the synergies involved and how these facets interact, then feel free to request an SEO pre-analysis, even if it means paying a small fee for it.

It’s a safe investment and worth more if you convince them of the real value of adopting an SEO strategy.

SEO Is More Than Activating a Plugin in Your Website’s CMS

Don’t be fooled, this isn’t all SEO you need. Google doesn’t look for the best’ code’, it looks for ‘content’. There are over 200 ranking factors and the algorithms change several times a year. By providing the right signals for your site, a CMS with some SEO plugins can help. But it takes a lot more to appear in the top positions of search engines.

The gist of these “other things” is the content. Content is king. The devil is in the details: the keywords, the hosting, and their overall marketing mix. Your CMS doesn’t have much to do with it.

Optimization for search engines is nothing new. However, many CEOs and managers have not been formally taught about the importance of good SEO for online business.

SEO Can Multiply Your Impact

How much did it cost you to print the business cards? I bet it wasn’t much compared to what you invested in your website.

Did you carefully review these cards, brochures, or flyers before sending them to print (or having someone else review them)? I bet it does.

But you didn’t have the researchers to “test” your most expensive and endlessly powerful marketing tool, your website, before you launched it!

Would you design and order all of those business cards and brochures at a hefty cost, then just lock them on a shelf? Of course not.

By ignoring SEO, this is exactly what you are doing with your new website. A website that could have been seen by thousands of your best prospects and ideal customers. A website that is now leaving Google’s algorithms so that users can find your services when they search.

Just because you have front-line printing equipment doesn’t mean you can print your business cards yourself? No, I’m sure not. You will likely get them from a professional company with a long history of printing.

You can massively multiply your impact by making your website appear in the eyes of thousands of potential customers.

Leave your website in the hands of professionals who will ensure that your website attracts the right audience and is seen in a wide segment, so that your digital business card better fulfills the critical task assigned to your business: obtaining leads. qualified and turn them into customers.

Natural Search Engine Rankings Will Help Users Find Your Website

Your website is the first point of contact with your audience in the digital world. You can generate leads and attract new clients in the awareness phase, partners or investors.

Unless people find you on the internet, your website is no good. In this case, organic positioning in search engines plays a fundamental role: how will your customers find you if you don’t appear in the results?

SEO is no longer just about ranking a site in search results, getting more clicks and visits, or keeping the “bounce rate” as low as possible.

Organic and effective positioning must be aligned with the company’s objectives and strategy. It should revolve around the psychology of the people in the target market and the segment of the population that consumes your product or service.

SEO Helps Build Your Brand

Creating a brand is often complex, expensive and time consuming. You post content, infographics, videos, etc. to your audience in the hope that your products and services will stay on their minds so that when the time comes, they’ll decide to buy. SEO can help speed up this process because if you show up in the top search positions, seeing your website or brand will be easier for them to remember you.

If more people visit your site, learn about your business, submit an order, fill out a form with their data, then it’s likely that more people will come back and share with their followers your products, services, content, information, etc.

SEO Attracts Qualified Traffic With High Conversion Potential

SEO is specific. Using keyword analysis you can determine the size of a “market”, the number of people searching for that exact keyword, the competitiveness of a market in search results (SERP – Search Engine Results Pages) and with data analysis, you can even identify the purpose of searches by analyzing the keyword that users use to search for information.

The web traffic of a good SEO campaign has high conversion potential. By properly leveraging your audience’s research intent, concerns, and issues, building trust, and convincing potential customers that your business is best suited to do business, you can drive a high conversion rate. .

For example, a well-planned SEO campaign for a hotel will reach potential clients looking to take a vacation, guide them to their website and the right section that exactly meets their expectations. Thus, SEO acts as a sales guide, receptionist, concierge and marketing manager.

Without SEO, finding your website in any industry would be looking like a needle in a haystack. Without a full understanding of the intent behind your visitors’ research and their unique and individual needs, the chances of losing sight of clients who seek services related to yours are high.

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